Dunbar Wharf

Regarded by many as one of Limehouse and Narrow Streets premier developments. Offering a day porter and on-site gym, there are 91 apartments in total, made up of one, two and three beds, and including some spacious penthouses. With part of the development built around a courtyard on the Thames side, the vast majority of flats enjoy panoramic Southerly views across the river.

Dunbar Wharf is reported to be named after Duncan Dunbar who was the proprietor of the warehouses, and lived there in the early part of the 19th century. Originally from Scotland, Duncan came to Limehouse to make his fortune.

Buying a brewery in Fore Street, Limehouse, he became closely connected with the brewing firm Taylor Walker who were also based in a Limehouse. This connection was to make him rich, as Taylor Walker developed a beer that could be shipped abroad without going stale. This became known as IPA (Indian Pale Ale). Duncan Dunbar realised he could make more money shipping Taylor Walkers IPA, than in the brewing industry. He set himself up as a shipping agent, which he ran from Dunbar Wharf.

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